Friday, September 01, 2017


So I've not posted a blog for a couple of weeks. I have been super busy with other projects. Poor excuse. It's actually quite hard to keep up a schedule of once a week.

I did my first post back in September last year and was able to keep up a run of 43 consecutive weeks of posting each Friday.

Then I slipped up a couple of weekends ago and I was gutted. In the end, it doesn’t really matter but I am the sort of person when I start something it quickly becomes routine and I have to keep it going or I beat myself up about it

I follow a couple of YouTube vloggers who do daily uploads. Where do they get the time? I guess they don’t have full-time jobs and kids. YouTube is their job, but still, it must be a big pressure to keep it up every day with thousands of followers eagerly awaiting your daily post.

I will keep going with my weekly blog and if I miss a week it's no big deal.

Some good news from my CodeClan Cohort 7 this week. 21 out of 21 are now employed in the software development industry. And most in Scotland. The last of us to secure a software developer job was the other week. Woo hoo! Go Us!

Unfortunately, one was not kept on beyond 6-month probation. I'm not sure of the details but it's a real shame and I imagine it is more to do with the company than the graduate. Based on the 100% success rate they should get something else soon.

I happened to be in Edinburgh last week and popped in to see how things were in CodeClan. A few cohorts have passed since I was last there. It was project week for some so it was busy with students working on their projects. It was great to catch up with the folk and particularly one of my fellow graduates who has gone on to be an instructor there. He never got to leave.

I had been asked previously by CodeClan if they could compile my 16 weeks of blogs while there into a PDF book.

Of course, that was my response and they had been working on it with my pictures and all. I got the first look and was amazed to find it has over 80 pages. It should be available via the CodeClan website soon. I'm quite excited to see it go live. I have never actually gone back and read through what I produced last year. Hopefully, the spelling and bad grammar have been fixed. I will add a link here later.

It must be time for the Oil exhibition as I can see the tents erected around the AECC next to my park and ride in the bridge of don on my commute into the city. Will I get a ticket and go? Probably I usually do. But this year will be the first year I am completely removed from the industry.